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Absys Cyborg Global Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics NAV :
The international reference ERP

designed for multi-site and international organizations

an international business solution providing the entities of groups and businesses with a common ERP.

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Sage ERP X3 :
The multi-national ERP of the Sage Group

For medium-sized companies with international requirements

The official ERP solution of the Sage Group that offers multi-national companies a structuring approach.

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Absys cyborg
Global Solutions

In a climate of international competition and growth opportunity worldwide, companies are increasingly called upon to meet new management challenges head-on.
With this in mind, do you need to be a multinational company to be backed by a reliable management system, adapted to an international environment ?
Conversely, should a multinational company use the same solution at its headquarters and in all its subsidiaries?
Because it is difficult to decide on a single model, and so as to provide a response adapted to these companies, Absys Cyborg has set up a dedicated division - Absys Cyborg Global Solutions.
Whatever the size of your company and project, whether you’re thinking about international deployment (multi-countries / multi-legislations) or looking for a partner for the local roll-out of your management solution, Absys Cyborg Global Solutions can offer you the benefit of its agreed-upon global approach.

A subsidiary of the Keyrus Group, Absys Cyborg is a member of the joint-venture Partner Power International, as well as a member of Sage Global Partners Networks.

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Absys Cyborg is a firm specializing in the integration of business solutions for small, medium-sized and large businesses.
In a strong position due to more than 25 years’ experience, Absys Cyborg, a Keyrus subsidiary, listed group, has succeeded in attracting a highly skilled team and providing its 3,800 clients with true added value, thanks to its project management and recognized technical expertise.
Absys Cyborg has chosen the editors with the highest renown in the market: Sage and Microsoft Dynamics.Our clients are independent companies or group subsidiaries with a staff between 20 and 3,000, who despite their different sizes and means have the same requirement : obtain return on investment.

The components of Absys Cyborg Global Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics

A dedicated team

English speaking resources with extensive experience in international projects.


International networks

A partnership with the editors Sage and Microsoft Dynamics located in more than 59 countries in the world.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV

International deployments of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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Sage ERP X3

Deployments of THE Sage multi-national solution : Sage ERP X3.

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